Oxford University Morris Men with Jack-in-the-Green, May Morning 2010 (photo Andrew Morgan by courtesy of Oxford City Morris). For more on the Oxford 'Jack' click on Jack-in-the-Green above.


Two morris sides co-ordinate the dancing on Oxford May Morning, one from town and one from gown. Invitations to dance in the city on the great day are issued jointly by:

Oxford University Morris Men (sometimes known as The Ancient Men) www.am39.com

Oxford City Morris Men http://ocmm.greenius.org/index.html

For their origins, click on The Morris Revival above.

The University Morris, aka 'The Ancient Men', wear red baldricks (photo Tim Healey). The City Morris wear red and blue. as below.

The living tradition; City Morris at Radcliffe Square 2002 (photo Malcolm Austin by courtesy of Oxford City Morris)

Besides a Jack-in-the-Green, the Oxford Morris sides go out on May Morning with a sword bearing fertility cake for distribution, seen here on May Morning 2017 (photo Tim Healey)

Goth morris! Armaleggan on Cornmarket (photo courtesy of Armaleggan).


Cry Havoc; black jackets with a buzzard on the back (photo Edwin Pritchard)

Other Morris sides active in Oxford's immediate environs include:

Armaleggan (Cumnor) www.armaleggan.org

Cry Havoc (Botley) www.cryhavoc.org.uk

Headington Quarry Morris Dancers


Summertown Morris www.summertownmorris.wordpress.com

Wolvercote Morris www.wolvercote.org (look under LINKS)

Summertown Morris outside St John's, May Morning 2017 (photoTim Healey)


Clockwork Morris danced two May Mornings 2010 and 2012. Marc West (second left) reports 'There's rumours of a possible reunion, ha!'