The overnight closure on Magdalen Bridge and the High Street, May Eve 2016 (photo Tim Healey)

For nighthawks

A handful of pubs, bars and eateries are open all through the night on the Eve of May Day, catering for the hardier (often the younger) revellers.

The Fir Tree pub on Iffley Road, and the Turl Street Kitchen on Turl Street were open all through the night in 2016, and Tick Tock Café was serving Full English Breakfasts as early as 3am.

If all else fails, you never need to go hungry; the kebab vans on the High Street and the Broad are open all hours and did brisk trade in 2016. 


Nighthawks on Magdalen Bridge, about 3am, May Morning 2016 (photo Tim Healey)

Kebab van on Broad Street - busy all night on May Eve 2016 (photo Tim Healey)

Turl Street Kitchen - young revellers kept bopping through the night (photo Tim Healey)

May Morning 2016. Tick Tock Café, close to the Bridge, is a legend for its Full English Breakfasts served all through the night on May Eve (photo Tim Healey)

4.55 am, May Morning 2016. By now, some of the High Street cafés are doing business (photo Tim Healey)

5.18 am on Magdalen Bridge, May Morning 2016. The crowd starts to assemble and blue balloons arrive courtesy of G & D ice cream parlour (photo Tim Healey).