Full English at St Edmund's Hall, May Morning 2017 (photo Susie Healey)

Photo Susie Healey

Tucking in at Teddy Hall

Around 9am on May Morning Oxford, morris dancers repair en masse to have a private breakfast at St Edmund's Hall. Besides bacon, eggs, sausage and the rest there is ale on tap and a singing of May Carols. The event is for ticket-holders only.


Toppers are placed on the tables to reserve seats (photo Susie Healey)

'Hail, Hail the First of May!' sung at the morris breakfast, 2017 (photo Tim Healey)

Enigmatic sign seen at the breakfast (photo Susie Healey)

'Teddy Hall' has hosted the Morris Breakfast since the late 1970s, inheriting the tradition from University College where the event was earlier held.

Queuing for the breakfast at Teddy Hall, May Morning 2017 (photo Susie Healey)